Children’s Health

We understand the importance of your child’s health and as such provide a range of services to help you look after your family.

Childhood Immunisation

Immunising your child against childhood diseases is an essential part of your child’s health and wellbeing plan. We take your concerns seriously and are happy to discuss your immunisation options with you. We offer an immunisation service for children from birth to four years of age, providing a friendly, positive and safe environment for your child to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Minor Procedures

Tongue-tie is a medical condition in which the thin piece of skin under a baby’s tongue is too short, which can restrict the movement of the tongue.

At times tongue-tie causes no problems at all and requires no action. However, sometimes tongue-tie can interfere with a baby’s ability to breast feed effectively. This may lead to nipple pain and trauma, poor breast milk intake and a decrease in milk supply over time. If this becomes a major problem to a baby’s health, the condition can be ‘released’.

Parents of tongue-tied babies with feeding problems should see their doctor or nurse to check whether or not the tongue-tie is related to any feeding problem. Studies on the release of a tongue-tie procedure have found few risks and problems.


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