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Sclerotherapy is a treatment used to minimise the appearance of unsightly or painful varicose or spider veins. It is a faster, cheaper and more convenient alternative to surgery.


Unsightly spider veins occur in about 70% of the population. The incidence is higher among women than men. While there is no known cause, long term use of oral contraceptives, wearing tight underwear, multiple pregnancies, prolonged standing and local injuries are all though to contribute to the condition.


Sclerotherapy will clear 70% – 80% of treated vessels. The process is gradual and improvement can be seen three to six weeks after treatment, with maximum effect noticeable between three to four months after treatment. It’s important to realise current treatment will not prevent new spider veins from forming, so a follow up treatment may be required to treat any residual blood vessels.


The most common side effect of sclerotherapy is slight swelling and pain, which usually settles within 24 hours. Slight skin discolouration (hyperpigmentation) may occur along veins and may take up to a year to fade completely. Mild discolouration in some parts of treated areas occurs in about 20% of patients, but most are not noticeable enough to be considered a problem and invariably clear up.


The frequency of treatment varies according to the number of unwanted veins present. On average, two to four 20-minute sessions will give the maximum required result.


It is recommended to leave seven days between treatments of Sclerotherapy.


Follow-up Sclerotheraphy may be advantageous after six months.

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